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Customer Service Step by Step

Customer Service Step by Step

OK, so you have read the marketing books about how to get traffic to your site and you've used some or all of what you've learnt. But what happens when they visit your site. Maybe they go on your mailing list, if you have one, maybe they buy or maybe they do nothing at all and never return.

Industry statistics indicate the average web site converts a maximum of 1% of visitors to customers. That's not many when you consider how much work you have to do to get them to your site.

What are the tricks to increase your visitor to customer buying ratio without spending megabucks on sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) solutions.

The e-commerce industry is awash with new services and hype about eCRM and vCRM. IDC Worldwide estimated that by 2003, US$90 billion would be spent on CRM initiatives for the very purpose of increasing visitor to customer ratio's.

This report is about helping you to understand and implement the secrets of converting visitors to customers without spending megabucks. It makes you aware of the simple steps you can take to make your web business profitable. Here is a small sample of some of the tricks you will learn:

  • How to use free research techniques to create customer focus
  • How to choose the features for your web site that make it customer focused
  • How to constantly mould your web site to have a better customer focus
  • How to build profiled email addresses from your web site
  • What are the typical hot buttons for Internet customers
  • How to build credibility into your site to get visitors in a buying mood
  • The customer friendly design elements ignored by most web sites

P.S.Please Don't Order this product if you're looking for a fat book full of fluff. What you'll get is a mini manual of high quality information that is written by Jan Burnett , who has put all these methods into practice. Jan shows you the simple steps to excellence in customer service.

Jan Burnett

Jan Burnett worked in various small and large businesses.  She believes that one of the most important factors which the most successful businesses shared was that all of their staff had an awareness of the importance of customer satisfaction.

Jan says that rapidly changing technology, strong competition and reduced profit margins have made customer satisfaction more important than ever.  She wrote her ebook to explain in plain language what she believes are the best methods for providing quality customer service in all areas of a business.

Jan said that many books about Customer Service provide tips for better Customer Service and some explain the latest theories and research into the process.  Her book is based on her front-line experience and some solid research into the methods and strategies which are currently being used to enhance interaction with customers in all kinds of situations. She tells you what works and her view about why it does.

Jan has been using the Internet for a few years and includes a section dealing with the benefits of delivering some customer support though your web site. But, she says that there are some potential problems which everyone should also be aware of.  Jan says, “With companies using more technology and reducing the number of experienced staff to cut costs and try to maintain profit levels, providing the best Customer Service you can is more vital than ever.”


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